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What’s the difference between Home Staging and Interior Design?

Home Staging is a service and part of the marketing plan to sell your home for top dollar and shortest time on the market. Home is decorated in a neutral fashion to accommodate all ages, sexes and demographics. Interior Design is build to suit you, your tastes, your lifestyle and your budget. There is no “right or wrong” – home is decorated according to your vision.


FREE Personalized Consultation

Before you list your home or reduce the price, contact An Elegant Touch. If you’re not sure Home Staging is for you, start with a FREE in-home visit and discussion of your needs and budget.


Staging Vacant Properties

Buyers have trouble envisioning their belongings in a vacant home; therefore, don’t leave the sale of your home to their imagination. Vacant homes look smaller, lifeless, unappealing and uninviting.

For this service, we will rent furniture and decorative accessories and transform your home into a show home. Vignettes can be staged in key areas like the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Master Bedroom. Includes set-up and take down.


Staging Services For Occupied Homes

Varying from half a day to a full day, after the Consultation and Report, we will proceed to make the required changes to your home. This includes changing furniture arrangements, de-cluttering, neutralizing and staging the home, highlighting its assets and focus buyers on the home’s beauty.

We specialize in working with furnishings you already own; however, there may be a need to arrange for rental furniture and accessories to achieve great results.

Color consultation, painting and other projects or purchases can also be included depending on your project requirements.


Home Consultation and Evaluation Report

Typically this service takes two visits to your home, about one to two hours each. A walk through your home will take place while taking notes of changes that should be made according to your budget and needs. A detailed Evaluation Report will be submitted for a step-by-step “to do” list. Further recommendations will be noted for dramatic improvement, where the homeowner will see impressive Return on Investment.

After a predetermined amount of time, we will return for a final inspection and last minute changes.


Realtor Services

An Elegant Touch makes your job easier! With the changing real estate market, it is even more important than ever for properties to show at their best.

Instead of discounting your valuable services to get listings, offer a home staging service as part of your listing package. Providing staging services to your clients is a great way to differentiate yourself in today’s competitive marketplace. For a minimum investment, our value added services show your client that you are determined to sell their house for top dollar, rather than just reducing the listing price. Your MLS pictures, virtual tours and open houses will shine and entice purchasers to view your properties first.

We can work together to give your listings that competitive edge!


Redesign Services

Redesign services for those who are looking for a change, a revamp and a fresher up to date look of their home. Our interior redesign services will transform your home in a matter of hours. Our goal is to create a fresh look for their homes that expresses their taste, current interests and lifestyle with minimal expense.

Using furnishings you already own, we will professionally arrange and reorganize your home, transforming it into a work of beauty and function for everyday living and enjoyment. Additional sourcing and purchases may be made where we work with your budget and time.


Construction Interior Design Services

At An Elegant Touch we realize and appreciate that every project is different and we strive at carrying your vision forward. Our team will assist from time of the original planning, to color consultation, millwork, lighting and plumbing fixture selections. We work closely with your contractors and trades to execute the home of your dreams. Furniture selection and layout with all decorative aspects and accessories can be sourced as well. Making it turn-key ready for you.